Online gambling from all the latest reports is increasing steadily on a global scale. Various governments that have had a hostile attitude to gambling are now taking positive steps to regulate it. As per the latest report mobile devices are increasingly playing a favorable role in offering wider access to gambling sites and this led to unprecedented level of growth in online gambling in recent times.

The online gambling industry now accounts for huge sources of revenue for many governments and with the push of mobile gambling the scenario is going to be more positive and favorable across the globe. Online gambling is expected to reach a net worth of $41.4 billion by the end of this year and even can go much beyond this expectation. Online gambling has been subject of renewed interest and focus thanks to the latest emerging technologies that make online gambling easy over a variety of devices. Both in terms of reaching interested players and profitability online gaming is gaining more strength and popularity. Among the various trends that are visible in online gaming across the globe some are worth mentioning like the impact of social gambling, the rise of Bitcoin and similar crypto-currencies.

Until very recently Europe was the largest market for online gambling because of favorable and clear regulations in most countries. In the present scenario this large market is even set for more growth as most countries desperately trying to make good revenues from gambling industry by changing the regulations further in favor of the industry. Netherlands is a good example which is adopting new regulations for increasing their tax revenues. In most countries until last year online gambling is steadily rising as the biggest rival of so called casino gambling and in the time to come it is going to take over all other forms of gambling.

Except Australia in most countries of the Asia Pacific region regulations seem to be stricter and unfavorable for all types of gambling including the online versions. In USA the states that permitted online gambling enjoyed great revenue earning and they are offering the model as how to regulate the sector and turn it as an avenue of generating revue. In many countries of South America like Brazil and Mexico new legislations are coming up to permit and regulate online gambling. As a whole the global scenario concerning online gambling really seems to be positive and growth proponent. Let us now explain some of the most prominent trends of online gambling in 2015.

The emergence of mobile gambling

As mobile devices are increasingly leaving behind traditional desktops and laptops for accessing internet, it is also becoming the choice platform for betting online. With Mobile devices already taking more than fifty percent of share in internet accessibility, mobile gambling is surely going to be the face of online gambling in short time. As envisioned by observers, by the year 2018 gambling bets placed through mobile devices will cross $100 billion mark and 164 million people globally would use their mobile devices to shop a lottery ticket, to visit an online casino or place a bet.

As most gambling sites are now focused in offering their site with a mobile friendly version, device specific resistance is already a matter of past. As for success with your mobile gambling sites to gain consistent flow of traffic and betting volume it is extremely important to make the site mobile optimized with touch and gesture friendly navigation, engaging interface and device optimized user experience. How smooth and fun it feels in placing bets and making transaction through the gambling site would affect the traffic and betting volume.

It is time for social gambling

Besides the emergence of mobile as one of the growth pushing factor social gambling in the recent times came as a big trend that revolutionized the way we conceptualize online sociability and gambling. Though it is still just at the embryonic state only being conceptualized in bits and pieces in some social platforms and gaming sites, in the time to come the trend can be a massive blockbuster showing more revenue potential for online gambling than all others. In social space still the users mostly pay for their desired content and expect little for winning something and they just take this as an add-on. But this little aspect of taking chance can be stretched further to make it interesting for them. With the engaging format, design and typical game like experience online gambling can create a similar feel of gaming.

Revolutionary online payment system like Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that in the recent times gained huge popularity with online gamblers thanks to an array of advantages like secure and verified process of payment, easier and quicker withdrawal and overall optimized transaction experience. It also offers an array of benefits for the online gambling operators. Some of the crucial advantages for gambling operators using Bitcoin include absence of any charge-backs and transaction fees, wider access and simple installation and setup.