Canada’s single-event sports betting bill fails

The Canadian House of Commons has voted against the legalisation of wagering on single-game sports events.

Bill C-221, the ‘Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act’, would have amended a section of Canada’s criminal code to enable provinces and territories across the country to allow such wagering.

However, at a second reading of the bill, the Commons voted […]

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Why Hackers Spy and Target Online Gambling Websites the Most?

 Hackers are mainly intended to disrupt the functionality of online gambling companies. They are destroying online casinos security on a regular basis. And in some cases scamming large sums of money from the gambling firms.

A Canadian company named Cryptologic develops online casino games. A hacker had cracked one of the servers of this company. […]

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At last, even some professional gamblers can’t make enough money from the gambling- And, why?

Gambling is a game of chance.There is nothing like having x or y years of experience in gambling. Many people believe that professional gamblers win 80% or more of their bets and make their living by gambling. It’s understandable that people think that, but it’s just not true. We have discussed here that why it’s […]

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6 Steps Towards Safe Online Gambling

Online gambling is much more luscious than traditional gambling. There is no land confinement, means you can gamble online in any country of the world. Also there is no time restriction, that is you can gamble at any time morning, noon, night. Customer base is also high in online gambling. Apart from its advantages, the […]

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Australians want Digital Gaming to Lean Towards Digital Gambling More!

Summary: Australians are now playing digital games and spending longer periods of time than ever. Since they like to play games, with consoles, PC gaming and smartphones each providing a platform for the same, they are keen to explore varied options. Playing casino online game is a hot gaming zone right now! Even you can […]

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How Mobile Gambling is Growing with Unusual Speed ? [And Why?]

As all have witnessed numerous advancements in technology in recent years, mobility has increased its importance drastically in all spheres. Games in mobile phones have started a new craze among gaming aficionadas. Meanwhile, the introduction of mobile gambling applications on mobile gadgets has started a new trend for gambling addicts and businesses.

Advent of Gambling Games […]

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Blow Your Mind with These Online Gambling Trends

Online gambling from all the latest reports is increasing steadily on a global scale. Various governments that have had a hostile attitude to gambling are now taking positive steps to regulate it. As per the latest report mobile devices are increasingly playing a favorable role in offering wider access to gambling sites […]

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